Since a couple of years Fritz Vieh- und Fleischhandels GmbH imports directly nearly all beef cuts from South America.

In order to receive the high quality beef which we desire, producers in South America are visited and selected several times a year.

The cattle are reared in a species-appropriate manner on the seemingly endless pastures of South America, where they have a rich variety of lush grasses to eat.

The selected bullocks are slaughtered humanely and butchered to our joint and cut specifications after a certain resting period. Over the approximately 20-day journey from South America to Germany, the South American meat achieves the desired level of maturity.

Upon arrival in Rotterdam, the individual portions are inspected by a veterinarian and our QM representative, and then transported to our EU cold storage warehouse. At an optimum storage temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, we guarantee that the meat products will be of the very highest quality and have the longest possible shelf life.

The entire team at Fritz Vieh- und Fleischhandels GmbH is at your service should you have any further questions.